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Ghouls just wanna have fun! [Jul. 15th, 2008|11:28 am]


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Today, iconophiles presents icons featuring the work of writer/illustrator/filmmaker Sam Inabinet. He's written and illustrated for Dark Horse Comics, White Wolf and Holistic Designs, Inc. (HDI games). Drawing from careful research, he has a flair for detail and wordplay, and rarely do I encounter illustrators capable of such rich and precise renderings.

His film shorts are viewable on YouTube: (http://www.youtube.com/saminabinet). Works available for purchase include One Thousand Swinging Nights and The Pickman Portfolio which can also be purchased in an edited format for the squeamish: (http://www.lulu.com/content/1003830). To view more of his illustrations, visit some of his other galleries: http://www.pen-paper.net/artgallery/SamInabinet and http://saminabinet.deviantart.com/gallery/

If you enjoy these icons enough to grab, please copy (no hotlinking), comment (tell us which you like the best) and credit the artist, Sam Inabinet.

Yum! READ! Full Moon
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Nightscape Challenge Ghoul Perch
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Ghoul Glee Full of it Bats!
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Boo! BCNU Charmer!
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