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Iconophiles is a community for sharing still icons and other graphics.
The iconophiles community is a space to share graphics and exchange constructive advice on improving the craft. While many graphics are suitable for general viewers, some involve mature themes, nothing too graphic, generally suitable for teens on up. A healthy balance of humor and respect are appreciated here. Graphics posted to iconophiles meet the definition of fair use, have the appropriate permissions for such use or are designed entirely by the artist. Icons posted are available for noncommercial, personal use. If you take any, please credit the icon maker.

Rules and requirements:

1. Be respectful. No spamming; flaming; etc. It will not be tolerated.

2. Icons must fit LJ requirements: 100 x 100 pixels; 40KB maximum; GIF, JPEG or PNG formats.

3. Adult material (nudity; gore; profanity; etc.) must be linked or LJ-cut with a warning for adults only. In other words, link with a warning, but do not post any material unsuitable for teens. Besides, there are some images one just doesn't want to be surprised by popping up on their computer screens without some sort of preparation. Especially if one is surfing while at work--you naughty people. ; )

4. If you have more than three images, select a sample set to post and link to the rest. Posting too many images will cause the page to load slowly for those with dial-up ISP's. You may also advertise other icon communities or graphics journals by posting a sample of work with a link to the community or journal. However, links without actual content are not acceptable.

5. Identify source material for graphics and give credit to the artists. When posting, icon makers should indicate how credit should be given by those who would like to use their icons.

6. To use an icon, comment (encouraging feedback is appreciated), credit and copy. Do not hotlink, for this will overload the image server and is not acceptable.

If you're willing to play by these rules, you are most welcome here! Create, share and enjoy!